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Emergencies seldom give warning before they strike.  Thus, it is essential that fire protection equipment be inspected, tested, and maintained to be certain it is operable at all times.  To accomplish this, management must establish an effective fire protection equipment inspection program that meets the minimum requirements of NFPA 25 guidelines.

Fire pump equipment, like all other equipment, deteriorates with time.  It is also vulnerable to external influences such as corrosive environments, tampering, accidental damages, and careless use.  Further, since fire pump equipment is used infrequently, it must be inspected and tested regularly to determine its condition, its operability, and its need for routine maintenance.  Detecting an unsatisfactory condition prior to an emergency is far better than discovering it during the emergency.

FireWater Services, Inc.'s technicians have been trained in the installment, testing, and maintenance of fire pumps.  During a full flow fire pump inspection and test, a technician does the following, but not limited to:

Performance of discharge test with fire pump turned on, including both 100% and 150% flow test at the rated pressure of the pump.
Notation of the pump RPM and pump suction/discharge pressures for both 100% and 150% test.
Record start/stop set points for both fire pump and jockey pump (if installed).
Record actual start/stop pressures, length of time fire pump runs in automatic position until timer shut-down, correct cycling of jockey pump.
Make minor adjustments to controller set points.
Exercise and/or lubricate all control valves located in fire pump room.
Testing fire pump status indicators and controls to ensure proper operation and annunciation.

Call a company representative at (281) 855-1970 to discuss inspecting your fire pump and all mechanical devices associated with it.


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