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 Customer Service       

Most businesses define customer service as the ability to constantly and consistently give the customer what they want and need.  FireWater Services, Inc. defines it as the ability to constantly and consistently exceed the customer's expectations.

Our style of customer service goes beyond traditional customer service. It covers areas that do not come in direct contact with the customer at all. Manufacturing, purchasing and quality control may never talk to the end user of our products, yet they are vital in meeting our customer's needs.

FireWater Services, Inc. was founded to offer excellent customer service in the fire sprinkler industry, beginning with our sales and extending to the completion of the project.  We take pride in every job, no matter the size.

Whether it's an inspection of a fire sprinkler system, a repair, or certifying a backflow, completing our customer's project efficiently and satisfactory is our priority.

To discuss further our services, please call (281) 855-1970.


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